Our Truck

At Aquavac we cut dirt twice as fast thanks to our custom built Vacuum Excavation Unit that far exceeds the capabilities of many other vacuum trucks.

Dave and Bruce, using their years of experience, worked with the manufacture to design a unit that offers TWO 4000 P.S.I. high pressure water cutters. We have multiple head types designed to cut through every different type of soil.

Our truck has been built with a separate diesel engine that powers our blower and can suck at 1340 CFM at 20 inch of full vacuum. The truck has also been designed to have high water flow with high pressure, making cleaning pipes and conduits from 40mm upwards a breeze.

Our jet rodding attachments are able to clean all sizes of stormwater and sewer pipe, and with the aid of the powerful vacuum hose, we can remove all excess water and dirt too.

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