Vacuum Excavation

What is Hydro Vacuum Excavation?

Hydro Vacuum Excavation is a non-destructive digging technique that uses pressurised water to remove soil or debris. The vacuum hose then sucks the soil or debris into a tank for disposal.

When you choose Aquavac to vacuum excavate, you are choosing the safest and fastest way to excavate. It is critical, especially when exposing and working around underground services, that you have a solution that offers minimum risk and maximum safety.

Dave and Bruce at Aquavac are experts at potholing – a precision vacuum excavation solution that is used to dig precise holes over and around underground assets to expose them for assessment and possible repair.

For over 25 years companies such a Telstra, large civil construction companies, and builders have used Aquavac for their Potholing and Vacuum Excavation services.

Our vacuum excavation capabilities have assisted with:

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